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Sustainable Management of Moose Harvest in South Canol Moose Management Unit




Yukon Government



Initial submission date:

May 1, 2019

Subsequent submission date:

February 7, 2020

Summary of proposed regulation change:

This proposal suggests two options to manage licensed harvest in the South Canol Moose Management Unit (MMU) – which includes Game Management Subzones 8-19, 8-20, 8-22, 10-01, 10-02 and 10-03.

Board recommendation:

The Board recommended the Minister set aside the proposal, defer it to the next reg change cycle, reconfigure the MMU boundary,  and that the Department conduct another aerial survey of the area.

Status of Board recommendation:

The Minister of Environment varied the Board’s recommendation, opting not to reconfigure the MMU or conduct a survey.

Outcome in regulation:

This change has been enacted in legislation (February 2022) and will come into effect before the 2022-2023 hunting season. There will be 10 permits issued for this new PHA.