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Disturbance Thresholds in Critical Habitat for Species at Risk HPAs




Yukon Government



Initial submission date:

May 1, 2019

Subsequent submission date:

Summary of proposed regulation change:

This change will establish a regulation enabling Minister to set thresholds for surface disturbance in Habitat Protection Areas (HPAs). Designating all or portions of areas containing critical habitat for species at risk (such as boreal caribou in the Peel River watershed) as protected habitat. This will require compliance with surface disturbance thresholds under the Wildlife Regulations and will give the Minister authority to regulate total impacts of activities in these areas, and meet species at risk obligations.

Board recommendation:

The Board recommended the Minister accept the proposal.

Status of Board recommendation:

The Minister of Environment accepted the Board’s recommendation.

Outcome in regulation:

Not yet enacted in legislation. No regulation has come into effect.