Management Plans

Management plans lay the foundation for fish and wildlife conservation in the Yukon.

These plans outline goals, objectives, and measurable actions needed to help protect species that may be at risk. Be it from human development, climate change, natural disaster, or over-harvesting.

They should also capture, highlight, and celebrate the relationship between Yukon First Nations and their Traditional Territory and ways of knowing.

Management Plans

Chapter 16 of the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) gives the Board the authority to make recommendations to the Minister about the need for, content, and timing of fish and wildlife management plans.

Particularly, management plans for species that have international agreements, are threatened species or populations; or if the Minister has declared them a territorial, national or international interest.

The Board also has the authority to make recommendations on plans relating to Transplanted Populations and Exotic Species (UFA ).

The UFA directs the Board to address fish and wildlife matters at the territorial level. Whereas our partners, the Renewable Resources Councils, are mandated to address issues more specific to their Traditional Territory.

However, the Board can also review and make recommendations to the Minister and First Nations governments on management plans recommended by the Councils. Specifically regarding the population goals and management options contained within those plans (UFA

Management Plans
The Board also has the authority to make recommendations to the Minister on Total Allowable Harvest, where required by particular species or population management plans.

The Board has a dedicated Working Group that attends to wildlife management plans and associated planning processes for species such as elk, bison, wolves, and most recently, the Grizzly Bear Conservation Plan.