The annual fish and wildlife calendar is one of the Board’s key communication outputs.

Our calendar distributes informative, functional, and educational messaging about current Board initiatives, as well as emerging fish, wildlife, and habitat issues.

It also includes important information about regulatory dates, seasonal facts, harvest reporting deadlines, heritage days, and of course, holidays.

However, the calendar has grown into more than just an information piece in recent years. It has blossomed into a staple of our community. And for that, we can only thank our incredible local photographers.

The Yukon is home to some truly talented individuals. Our calendar is largely a success because of its stunning imagery. So, we owe a big thank you to all those who contribute!

We print more than five-thousand copies each year, and they disappear within days of delivery.

If you’re interested in submitting photos for this year’s calendar, we will be accepting submissions between July 1st and August 1st.

We only accept photos taken in the Yukon, featuring fish, wildlife, or landscape scenery. The award for each photograph chosen for print in the final publication is $350.

Please contact us if you have images that you would like to have considered.