Yukon Wildlife Act Regulation Change Process

Under the authority of the Umbrella Final Agreement, the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (the Board) and the Government of Yukon’s Department of Environment (Environment Yukon) established a process for the public to propose changes to fish and wildlife regulations in the territory.

This process is an opportunity for the public to be directly involved in the sustainable management and conservation of
Yukon’s fish and wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a regulation?

A regulation is legislation that falls under, and is authorized by, an Act of the Legislature. Typically, the Act provides an overall policy framework and authorizes the making of regulations. The regulations provide the details that help bring the policy to life. For example, a number of sections in the Wildlife Act set out the policy parameters for trapping in Yukon, while the trapping regulations provide details like trapping season dates, methods, and species.

Which regulations can changes be proposed for?

Proposals can be made to change:

  • Wildlife Regulations – under the Yukon Wildlife Act
  • Trapping Regulations – under the Yukon Wildlife Act
  • Yukon Territorial Fishing Regulations – under the federal Fisheries Act
What is a regulation change?

Recommended proposals must be changes, additions, or deletions to regulations under the Acts mentioned above. Sometimes proposals highlight fish & wildlife issues which can be best addressed through education, programming, or changes in services. These are not regulation changes, and are not accepted in this process.

Who can submit a regulation change proposal?

Any Yukon resident, group, or government can submit a proposal to this regulation change process.

How do I submit a regulation change proposal?

Click here for Regulation Change Proposal Form & Information

Deadline for 2019 Regulation Change Proposals: April 30, 2019.

Please read the information carefully before filling out the above form. Please answer all questions. Use a separate form for separate proposals.

For assistance, please contact the Board at: executivedirector@yfwmb.ca

You can submit this form in the following ways:

  • Fill in the form, save to your computer, and email as an attachment to: executivedirector@yfwmb.ca
  • Fill in the form, print, then mail or deliver to: Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board, 409 Black Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A SP7

What happens once I submit my regulation change proposal?

(Click on the image below for a high resolution pdf version.)

RegChangeProcess infographic_2017


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