2017 Public Review of Proposed Reg Changes

In upholding its responsibility under the Umbrella Final Agreement to make provisions for public involvement in the management of fish and wildlife in the Yukon, the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board is now facilitating the public review of proposed changes to Yukon Wildlife Act Regulations.

Please see THIS PAGE for more information about the Yukon Wildlife Act Regulation Change Process.

There are 14 proposed regulation changes that have been put forward for public review. The Board will consider all feedback received, and provide a recommendation to the Yukon Minister of Environment regarding each proposed change.

  • PROPOSAL 1: Fish Lake General Waters to Special Management “G”
  • PROPOSAL 2: Lake LabergeGeneral Waters to Conservation Waters
  • PROPOSAL 3: Little Salmon Lake General Waters to Special Management “G”
  • PROPOSAL 4: Nares Lake & Nares River General Waters to Conservation Waters
  • PROPOSAL 5: Ladue Lake Fishing Regulations Change
  • PROPOSAL 6: Mayo Lake Fishing Regulations Change
  • PROPOSAL 7: Aquatic Invasive Species Inspection/Decontamination Authority
  • PROPOSAL 8: Close extended moose hunt & issue more permits
  • PROPOSAL 9: Allow for the abandonment of either meat or hide of black bears
  • PROPOSAL 10: Sheep Hunting Closure in the Thachà̈l Dhǟl(Sheep Mountain) Area
  • PROPOSAL 11: Pelt Sealing/Verification of Marten Harvest
  • PROPOSAL 12: Wolverine Trapping Season Adjustment
  • PROPOSAL 13: Personal Exemption Amount for Export Permit for Meat
  • PROPOSAL 14: Allow Youth Hunters (without HEED) Under Age of 12 to Hunt

CLICK HERE for Summary of the Proposed Regulation Changes

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This process is an opportunity for you to be directly involved in the sustainable management and conservation of Yukon’s fish and wildlife.

The public review of proposed regulation changes is now closed.

Information regarding the Board’s recommendations on the proposed regulation changes to the Yukon Minister of Environment will be released in early 2018.



  • Yukon fish and wildlife enhancement trust
  • Yukon Salmon Sub Committee
  • Renewable Resources Councils
  • Environment Yukon

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