Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board

January 14th, 2020


Extension until April 11, 2020, on public review period for moose management proposals 1-3

YFWMB recently completed a public review of 14 substantive Wildlife Act regulation changes proposed in 2019. The Board repeatedly heard that there was not enough time to understand and comment on the first three proposals, regarding the adaptive moose management provisions submitted by the Government of Yukon.

As a response, the Board has passed a motion extending the public comment period for these three proposals only.


Meetings and additional information:

On February 1, the Yukon government will provide additional information to clarify these proposals, which will be available on the YFWMB website.

The Board and the Yukon government will also be available to meet with First Nation governments, Renewable Resources Councils, and Associations to discuss these proposals in more detail.


Request a meeting:

The Board’s goal is to facilitate further discussions around moose management and to better understand what changes to the current wildlife management framework, if any, would best suit Yukon.

Contact the Board’s Executive Director if you, or a group you are affiliated with, would like to request a meeting with the Board and/or Yukon government.

Graham Van Tighem, Executive Director, Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board




How to share your feedback:

  • Review the information package (available on Feb 1)
  • Provide your thoughts on the future of moose management to one of your local fish and wildlife associations, governments or management bodies.
  • Complete the new online survey (open February 12 to April 11)
    • Note: if you completed the first online survey, this is another opportunity to share your feedback with the Board
  • Send a letter with your thoughts on these proposals to the YFWMB by April 11


The Board will consider all feedback with equal merit.

Thank you for your participation, your input adds value to the regulation change process.

About the Board

The Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) changed the social and political structure of Yukon by making provisions for First Nation land ownership and self-determination, and by creating an environment and infrastructure for community-based resource management.

Chapter 16 of the UFA and  Yukon Final Agreements establishes the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) as “the primary instrument for Fish and Wildlife Management in the Yukon”.

The YFWMB is an advisory body comprised of 12 members appointed by the Minister of Environment from six nominations by the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) and six nominations by the Government of Yukon (YG).

With a mandate to address issues that affect all of Yukon, the YFWMB focuses on policies and legislation for sustainable fish, wildlife, and habitat management. The board consolidates the best available technical, traditional, and local knowledge through public participation, to make recommendations on management decisions to First Nations, territorial, and federal governments.

Next Meeting

February 18-20, 2020

Location TBD


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